During the course of the Next Few weeks, we will be publishing on this website some of Laurens Fights. Also we will be publishing some of the more dramatic digital pictures which best display Lauren's talents.

  • Non-Profit.

    The site we run here is for non-profit. We actively encourage all children and us adults ( If we got the time ) to engage in some form of physical activity. We are lucky here that Lauren has found her talent in a Martial Art. The Team here at are dedicated to support Lauren in her chosen sport and would encourage the same for anyone who has someone that is actively engaged in Sport.

     "I have spent many an hour watching the development of my daughters sporting career with great pride. Through her sheer determination, dedication, hard work and the support of her family and friends, Lauren has become an inspiration for all that support and follow her progress." - Administrator.


  • Future Link to Picture Album / Videos

    The Link above in the near future will direct you to some of the Videos that we are able to publish which show Laurens Career Progressing.

Other Publicity Lauren has received.  

Lauren has had past exposure on the BBC's Sport Academy Website at

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And has currently a video on Youtube -

Lauren Kickboxing is not responsible for the content of external sites.)

As this site develops, we will be housing all of Laurens Videos here at this site.

Lauren showing the Gold at The World Pan-Amateur Kickboxing Association World Championships that were held in Loutraki, Athens, Greece 2006.

( together with her very proud sister )

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